Table for One

Ikea Cat #1

Cat hair is protein, right?


Ikea Cat #2

He’s not doing it right!  He’s supposed to lay on the glass, not under it.  Because, hover cat!


Then of course there is Table for Two:

Table for Two

This is bullshit.

They have an entire side-desk next to my desk that they are supposed to lay on and usually do.

Hard to complain though as they really do make the best office assistants.

Do you have an office assistant?


Window Box for One

This is also bullshit!  The one area in the house the cats are truly not allowed (other than on my desk LOL) is the kitchen counters.


Close up in the off-limits kitchen window box

It’s not even real, dumb-ass*!

*It’s okay. I can swear at my cats like that because I love them to peices. They complete me.


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