Home Improvement

SOMEBODY was peeing over the back edge of the box.

And ruining my wall, baseboard, floor.

I thought about getting taller boxes….

just TRY to pee over this one


but found this solution instead – Puppy Pads (which are surprisingly not that expensive) thumb tacked to the wall.  They have a crease from being folded that fits puuurfectly under the back edge of the boxes too.

Nasty problem, creative solution

This was all part of a big home organization and rearranging project when I bought this multi-purpose table:  I use a giant sheet over it in an attempt to reduce the kitty litter dust in that room, and also to provide outstanding cat TV out this window.

Can you change the channel?

Eventually I moved both the boxes and that table upstairs, so installed a shelf instead.  This is my dance/yoga room so I’m trying to train Tigger to lay on the shelf when I’m practicing instead of in the middle of the floor. So far so good!

New shelf

Sturdy enough for a 17-pounder

I also ended up rearranging my office, and in doing so, cleared the tops of of the bookcases.

I mean really, laying on the tops of tables, shelves, dressers, etc, with his head hanging over the edge, is what Tigger lives for.

Silly cat


Not Simba though. He’s a box cat through and through.


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