Three Words

These are the 3 words a cat (or dog) owner never want to hear:

(Stop reading now if you’re faint at heart)

Abscessed Anal Gland.

(Sorry if you didn’t have enough time to look away)













That’s right.  It’s gross. And painful. And brings one to question ones ability to care for a living thing. How could I have let this happen?

the cone of shame

After experience now both cats and dogs in the Cone, I think cats are actually worse at adjusting. It was pretty pathetic.  I basically had to hand-feel and water, and he kept not only knocking the water bowl over, but bumping into things (walls, chair and table legs), and “missing” (to put in kindly) when he would attempt a simple jump on the table and knock his cone and miss.  Hard not to laugh at that, mostly b/c there was nothing funny about the rest of it.

Thank goodness for naturopathic calming meds












I bought one of the “soft” sided cones (rush shipping), but it wasn’t any better.  It did, however, allow me to wrangle the vet’s plastic one into a slightly more open shape, and replace the hard plastic tabs (that hold the tie in place) with something softer – because I’m crafty like that.

The vet high-fived me on my accomplishment.

free from the cone and proud of his hiney












If felt like a lifetime, but after only one week, the cone was off!

(another high-five from my vet)

Unfortunately (or fortunately) while I was at the vet for the gaping-wound-on-hiney thing, they discovered his teeth were getting pretty bad.  I brought him back for a dental and he needed an extraction.

still groggy from anesthesia












Which also requires days of follow up care (pain meds), attempting to separate the hard kibble from the wet food and pretending that I can control which cat is eating what, etc…

I may have just spent $800 at the vet* (while unemployed) but it was worth every penny if my baby is free from pain and back to health.

*this actually includes a wellness plan that covers appointments + discounts on other services and meds for the next year

Here’s to your health!


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