Time flies when you’re not blogging!

Just another cat blog… temporarily resurrected, brought back to life, like a breath of fresh air.

I have a zillion things to do, like, find a job, cook vegan noms, vacuum cat hair, and save the planet, but I’m laid up with my second blood clot of the year.


Smelling the Camera

So, having already read every book and watched every movie in the WORLD while recovering from my first blood clot of the year, I finally decided to get my camera out. (Actually, i was supposed to go hiking today for the first time in 8 months, so that’s the only reason my camera was out and charged, but, BLOOD CLOT.)

Sniffing the Camera

Sniffing the Camera

The worse part about my blood clot (superficial… not the kind that can kill you) is being on blood thinners, I am more conscious about Tigger possibly drawing blood when he makes biscuits on my belly. I’m pretty scratched up right now.



In other news, Simba turned 7 on Valentine’s Day (see THIS adorbs pix as a wee baby). Never been a fan of the holiday but worth celebrating if this guy is your date:

I Love You Baby

I Love You Baby

I’m still at the same unreliable part time work at home job, and even though I’ve been going out more lately (because, people!) these guys are hardly lacking in quality Kat-time (as in, me, Kat, not them, Cats).  But nonetheless, they REALLY seem to like it when I’m laid up on the couch.

Snuggled in with mommy

Snuggled in with mommy


So, that’s it. My annual cat blog post! j/k, hopefully not. I miss my WordPress friends and family. It’s the only place where I’m 0% political. Enjoy it while it lasts! Get out there and do what you love, but most importantly, stay healthy and take care of yourself. Life’s too short to be laid up on the couch with your kitties. Er, ok, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

Boom! Fist bump!

Boom! Fist bump!


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