So, I have no time to blog. It just hasn’t been a priority.

I bought a place, moved, and have been living a home-improvement/painting/things breaking/getting settled kind of nightmare ever since.

Don’t worry, the cats are fine 🙂  Really, happier than ever. I have 1,000’s of pictures to prove it. Here’s one:


It’s only been since the New Year that I have started living a normal life again.


Because, Hiking!



Still, I’m under a lot of stress with Work, and due to necessary budget cuts, I cannot justify no-adds and custom, whatever. I hope it doesn’t really screw up my site, by stopping paying.

Time will tell. Time will tell if I decide to keep this blog, if I keep my job, if I decide to pay anything to make this site better.


Meanwhile, if you’re lucky (or if I’m lucky?) you can catch me out in the real world.


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