1. a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year.

Ok, so maybe that’s not what really happened.  I know I’m not the only one that has a blog, maybe even pays for some nice upgrades like no-ads, and then COMPLETELY ABANDONS it.

Do you know the #1 Legitimate Reason for abandoning a Blog?  MOVING (ok, I’m making up this statistic to suit my reality, but it’s entirely possibly true)

Moving Sucks

Ok, so you’re not going to learn anything new from this blog.  Moving does suck, and everybody knows that.  Basically what happened is that rent when nuts in Denver, and it truly is cheaper to own (or can be). So, I decided to buy a condo.

So, to prep for the move, I mostly focused on trying to sell Belly Dance costuming.  A year after retiring I still had no desire to dance, so, that stuff is GONE.  It was pretty successful.  But, it was a PROJECT.  And didn’t leave me much time for actual downsizing of anything else.

Buying is Stressful

Ok, still nothing new.  Am I doing the right thing? Is it a bad investment? How sure should you be? What should you compromise on? Can I afford it? What if I get a job in another part of town? What if I MEET somebody?  What if the market tanks? etc etc etc ad nauseam

You Can Never Start Packing Too Soon

You can never start packing too soon.  You can never start packing too soon. Are you moving next year? START PACKING.  BUY 100 MORE BOXES THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. BUY 8 ROLLS OF PACKING TAPE.  BY 150 FEET OF BUBBLE WRAP, EVEN IF YOU DON’T OWN ANYTHING BREAKABLE. BUY 5 BIG FAT THICK MARKERS.  Just Do It. NOW. Not later.  Later, the weekend before your move, you will still be up 4 hours past your bedtime and getting up at the crack of dawn.

Moving is Hard Work

I was out of shape. I admit it. I was post-breakup-blue, nursing a shoulder injury, and basically hibernating all spring. I had gained an additional 10 lbs.  I ran a 10-k and then stopped exercising completely.  MOVING IS HARD WORK.  Are you moving next year?  Start your exercise program TODAY.  Do squats. Do pullups.  Moving to the third floor?  START WORKING OUT DAMMIT.  If you have a desk job and then think you can just work your ass off moving for 16 hours a day for weeks on end, YOU’LL DIE.

Put Your Life On Hold

Forget the blog. Forget your friends (until you ask them to help). Forget having a social life. You will look back and recall you did nothing but move.  Before you close, you’ll be on the phone every day with the inspector, your realtor, and your lender. Forget about anything else. After you close, you will do NOTHING but pack. After you move, you will do NOTHING but home improvement projects for the next 2 years (just kidding – ok maybe not really – but I hope not).

I made the mistake of either accidentally or purposely scheduling a camping trip, a business trip, and a music festival trip During My Move.  What?  For real.  Totally stupid. I’ve had multiple near-nervous breakdowns because I’m too exhausted from hauling camping gear up and down three flights.  I made my boss pay and extra $400 to GET ME HOME from Californial because I was losing my shit.  Too many things. Just say no.

Forget. The. Blog.

Do Not Move In The Summer

I repeat, Do Not Move In The Summer. Do. Not. Move. In. The. Summer.  Just don’t. Why? Cause it’s too damn hot!  You will sweat gallons and look like hell and it’s just awful.  And, you’re missing your favorite season. If you’re going to suffer from Moving Amnesia, move in the winter when you just hibernate and have no social life and don’t go outside anyway.

Tell Your Pets It’s OK

Sit down and have a heart to heart with them. They may understand. Fortunately for me, this was my fur-babies’ 3rd move. I don’t actually know if they remembered the first two, but they actually handled this one quite well.  Better than me, in fact!

Like All Things, This Too Shall Pass

One day, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You WILL stop eating pizza and chipotle every day and you will go grocery shopping and learn to function in your new kitchen. You WILL plan something than yet another trip to Home Depot.  You WILL unpack more clothes and wear more than the same 4 tanks you’ve been wearing for the past 2 months.  You WILL stop having nervous breakdowns.  You WILL catch up on sleep.  You WILL unearth a space large enough to roll out a yoga mat. You MIGHT consider outdoor physical activity like running or biking or hiking (I’m not quite there yet – still too much hard physical labor).



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