The Scent of a Cat

Another Rambling Photo Blog Featuring My New Camera, My Cats, and My Life.

I’ve been playing with my new camera again. And thinking a lot about simplifying my life.


Simplicity in Zoom (aka, you really don’t have to walk anywhere. Just zoom.)


Simplicity in Nature.

The Tao of Cat.

Simplicity in Cat.

I’ve decided to embrace the concept of massive downsizing to a small one-bedroom apartment (which is still going to be stupidly expensive, but all I’m willing to pay) as a positive step toward simplicity.  People, please stop moving to Denver. It sucks here. You won’t like it. It’s not affordable to live here any more. It makes me want to leave (I can’t yet, because of my job).  This will be move #20 post-college (which was HARDLY a stable time in my life).  The sad part is knowing it’s yet another temporary move.

The Big D.

The Big D. – so tiny, yet so sprawling…

No big deal.

Red Rocks. No big deal.


Makes me want to move somewhere rainy.

The worse part about being alone (single) is having to pay all your housing costs. There should be bigger tax credits for this.  Maybe there are and I just don’t know it because I prefer to live in a simplified reality (aka, bubble) where taxes, and essentially our entire economy, including the Denver housing market, do not require my valuable time and attention.

Abstract Nature.

Abstract Nature.  (Some weird setting on my camera. Kind of fun.)

Abstract Cat.

Abstract Cat.  Same setting.

I’m not alone though. I have my babies. To provide hours of entertainment as company while I work, as photography subjects, as warm bundles in bed, and bellies to stick my face into, blow raspberries, and breath in their lovely stinky cat scent.


Landscape shot #1: Alone in the Wilderness.

Another Landscape shot.

Landscape shot #2:  Belly Awaiting Raspberry.

I have 4 months to complete this massive downsizing task and find a place to live that is acceptable to the cats (has southern exposure and great Cat TV reception), doesn’t have bars on the windows (or need them), and is on the west side (trading size for location).

Tigger's Desk.

Tigger’s Desk and south-facing office window.

Simba's chair.

Simba’s chair.

I know that sounds like tons of time, but I’ve got work to contend with, trails to explore, pounds to shed, pictures to take, and cats to cuddle. Better get crackin…


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