-I have discovered that there are limitations to the WordPress App, regarding photo editing and blog styling

Behold: Rotation!

Behold: Photo Rotation!

-I have also discovered there are advantages to the WordPress App.  From my tablet, I can add photos from straight from Dropbox

Hello World

Behold:  Discovery!

– I discovered the Black and White setting on my new camera, and I LIKE IT.

Nose Spots

Behold: Black and White

– I have discovered that cats make amazing photography subjects

Shadow and Light

Behold: Shadow and Light


Behold: Vantage Points


Hello, Gorgeous

Behold: My Cat. I love this picture so much I just don’t even know what else to say about it.

-I have discovered that my cats are merely tolerant of my sticking my new camera in their faces

Behold: Tolerance

Behold: Tolerance, Soft Light

Behold: You are officially bugging the shit out of me, mom

Behold: Evil Eyes, Experimenting with Aperture

So, can you guess how many pictures (of my cats) I took in the first day owning my new camera?



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