The Secret to Blogging

Ever start a blog with high asperations only to fizzle out after a few months? Ever wonder the secret to keeping up with your blog?

I have the secret!  (Now if only I had any idea how to change fonts on my tablet…)

1)  Make it a New Year’s Resolution!

HAHAHA. We all know this never works.

2) Find interesting or controversial topics to blog about

You know what, I’ve been to Burning Man,  was a tribal belly dancer, have multiple tattoos, am vegan, and no one cares.

3) Get Another Cat!

I think we’re on to something here.   This might actually work. Except for the part about $30/cat pet rent in my apartment complex.

4) Invest in more Devices.

Technology. It’s where it’s at. I guess.  I disabled my FB account for a week and it was enlightening.  Now I’m back on devices more than ever!  I’m still learning my way through this process, writing on SamTab. 

(Yes, now I not only name my cars but my devices too)

5)  Buy a New Camera

Yes! This is the Secret!  For those who are into this sort of thing, I got a Panasonic Lumix DZ-40.  I had an older (way older) model Lumix before so fortunately it’s been pretty inuitive, but has LOTS more capabilities than I’ll probably every utilize in my lifetime.

I’ve only had the camera for 2 days and haven’t left the house and have limited Subjects, so here you go:


Hello New Camera

OMG. You’re kidding me. I can’t rotate this shit on the WordPress app for Samsung???

*to be continued*


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