New technology!

That’s like a disclaimer of sorts, for this first post in a while but ALSO my first post from new new tablet!

You see, I work from home. So, writing my blog means sitting down at my desk off hours, which just feels like, well, more work.  And my phone, although capable, is tooooo tiny for any real blogging.

(I still don’t have a real, albeit tiny, detached keyboard…but it’s on its way from my trusty amazon delivery person.)

My second technological hurdle to overcome involves media. You know, those zillions of cat photos that currently reside on my phone? So, I’m going gangbusters on the technology and have ordered a new camera with WIFI.  I still have no idea exactly how I’m going to manage my media (dropbox? Google drive?), but I feel like I’m on to something here.  Looks like the phone can almost be retired. If you call me I’ll screen it anyway.

I also have some logistical challenges to work out. Just where exactly do I set up shop for writing on my tablet? I know. … normal people have couches. And coffee tables. But since you never thought I was normal, you know I haven’t had a couch in 4 years. I do want one eventually. ..when I have the space. 

I got back from Costa Rica a month ago (say what? ) and experienced the joy of the GIANT BEANBAG LOUNGE CHAIR. I feel I must acquire one of these. I think my cats would like it too. We could share!

Needless to say I have a bunch of photos from my trip I’d  like to share.  I spent most of my time taking video though. Yup, a WHOLE NEW HOBBY. I upgraded my RAM and bought fancy video editing software. ..now I just need the time.



Sunset in Costa Rica


So there you have it! My first post on Sammy. Which I have no idea how to actually post.


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