Just your average catch-up posting of cat pictures and miscellaneous ramblings…

It doesn’t feel like winter, so I didn’t put up any holiday decorations this weekend. I opened all the windows and did some spring cleaning instead.  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the changing sun patches in my office.


Winter Sun

For the first time in many years, I actually WANT it to get cold and snowy, so I can go snowboarding!

One plank, not two.

One plank, not two.

I *mostly* survived my first major holiday as an *almost* vegan. Turns out it was a buffet, so I had lots of salad and veges, but also indulged in the sweet potato mash, the regular mash, and the stuffing, which I *know* were not vegan.  I then immediately (after I could actually move again) went to a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner and although I thought I’d be arriving just when everyone finished, they were just sitting down to eat. So I drank wine instead.  After my second glass of wine the desserts came out … and I don’t think I’m probably the *only person ever* – in their early veganhood – whilst drinking – to lose a little self control and say *I don’t care if it’s not vegan!* and dive into what really was the tiniest piece of pie ever.

I’ve quit coffee AGAIN.  My stomach has been killing me so I’m back to gallons of caffeinated tea – only this time I’m trying to do it without half-n-half.  Which is one of my last big dairy product battles.



Yup, that’s it!  And I’ve just found out (thanks to vegan FB group) that there are MANY other brands of semi-sweet chocolate chips – even Costco’s! – that are VEGAN. So, that calls for a major happy dance!  The parmesan cheese is a stepping stone….  instead of grating *mountains* of cheddar straight onto popcorn (that’s my favorite way to eat it) I’ve been mixing parm cheese about 50/50 with Nooch and sprinkling that on instead.  Really, my problem isn’t so much *what* I’m putting on popcorn, but *why* am I still eating it 3 times a week for dinner?

I’ve seriously been looking at my diet though, and I’m starting on Vitamin D supplements, because… too much work and not enough sun.



Or, I could just move my desk over 4′ instead 😉


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