Must take a break from that which is my complete obsession with food.  I think its common for early veganeers to get really angry and obsessed. A lot of it just has to do with trying to educate myself, and feed myself, but I’ll tell you, these people are PASSIONATE.  And, the information that’s coming across my news feed (facecrack) … I’m just stunned, most of the time, about how WRONG our entire food system is.  Food safety, food recalls, GMO, Monsanto suing everyone, no right to know, torture, the imminent needless death of hundreds of thousands of turkeys, government corruption, no faith in the EPA, USDA, FDA, basically everything that is killing the planet right now,… and on and on.  The news is not good.

It’s weird though. I get angry just hearing people say “I ate a cheeseburger”.  I never used to be this way. I never cared. Because I never knew. I never thought about the life these creatures endure, for no reason other than for Big Ag and food processing companies (and probably Monsanto too), to make money.  If it has a face, don’t eat it!

I haz a face.

I haz a face.

I haz a face too.

I haz a face too.

Also, I feel like crap. It’s a combination of working too hard, not getting to yoga class, almost no exercise, AND I’m back on coffee (which means I’m still buying half-n-half – one of the 3 non-vegan foods in my house right now.  I’m down to 3 though and that’s pretty damn good). But in a bad way. Since I quit coffee like 2 years ago, I’ve never “gone back on” for more than 2 weeks or so.  But it’s been like a month now and I can really feel the difference, not in a good way.

You're boring me. Talk about me more.

You’re boring me. Talk about me more.

AND, I’ve been on a bit of a gluten kick, accidentally, just wanting to experiment with eating new things, and I bought these flour tortilla’s to make all kinds of wraps (basically, salad wraps, salad you can eat with your hands!), and OMG it’s killing me.  Do I throw the rest away?  But they’re so TASTY. But they make me feel like CRAP.  There must be another vehicle for this ridiculously delicious fake (as in, non-dairy) cream cheese I bought.

(I don’t even normally eat cream cheese, I mean, I probably hadn’t bought it in years, but it is my First fake dairy product, and I’m very proud.)

Good grief mom, give it a rest.

Good grief mom, give it a rest.

Ok, I think about cute fuzzy happy things now. It’s Saturday and I’m going to yoga.






2 thoughts on “Caturday

  1. Corn tortillas babe… they’re the bomb diggety and there ain’t no gluten! My body doesn’t like to process much gluten and I’ve felt so good since I stopped eating flour tortillas. <3.

    • I know… i just don’t LIKE corn tortillas though :-/ Corn tortilla chips = da bomb! Corn pinwheels = ewwww. I’m going to keep looking for a non-corn torilla that doesn’t make me sick 🙂

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