It’s Really Happening

I’m Going Vegan.

At least, dietary.  (Turns out, how one defines one eating and lifestyle can be quite controversial, in the vegan community.)

Once I made the decision, I joined a bunch of Facebook groups, but found that not to be really the most supportive or helpful place. So, I’m planning on including some resources on my blog now.  I think it will help me sort out what I’ve learned so far, and hope that it will be helpful to one or two other folks out there.  I’ve been struggling with food for a long time anyway, and the topic has popped up in this blog before.

Welcome to my “Post-Dance Early-Vegan Phase” as one friend described it.

If you don’t care about food, you can always just skip ahead to the cute cat pictures 🙂


An Angel. Not Vegan.



Resting in one of his many blanket-lined boxes. This one happens to catch some afternoon winter sun.




7 thoughts on “It’s Really Happening

  1. Such a shame the FB groups you joined weren’t supportive – that sucks.

    Anyone exploring vegan food should be encouraged by the vegan community! Anything less is shooting themselves/ourselves (I eat vegan for health reasons, so I am ‘controversial’ too :p) in the foot, IMHO.

    • don’t get me wrong, there are some great resources, tips, and advise in there, if you want to spend 3 hours scrolling through posts. I was surprised by the amount of “vegan shaming” and general rudeness, ie, “oh I feel so bad I slipped and accidentally ate some by-product that I had no idea was derived from animals” post followed by a reply like “you’re not really a vegan go rot in hell”. I think haters are gonna hate, whether they are vegan or not!

  2. I applaud you! It’s not easy and you don’t need to be perfect. I am not vegan although I eat very little meat. I love veggies better but I do try to buy meat that was processed humanely.

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