Cats Cats Cats

Of all the places to lay, he simply must lay on the only pile of black clothes there is. I still find this cute somehow. Must be the nose spots.

He looks so much like his baby-kitteh picture here I can hardly handle the cute.

Tigger Angel

Tigger in one of his more angelic moments. Right after he hurled on the carpet, and laid a skidmark on the hall runner.


This is a Cat Belly. I am obsessed with this cat’s Belly. It’s so cute, that I want to blow raspberries on it all day long.


Tigger darling, I cannot handle this much cute.




Sunshine! I love to tilt my face toward the sun, too.


Well this is just a given. You take the suitcase out, you open it, cat gets in. You leave town. You come back. Cat will throw up to let you know what he really thinks about this going-away business.


Cat and Mouse. Nope, this doesn’t interfere with my ability to do my job at all.

And that’s all there is. There are no more words to describe the cute that happens here.


3 thoughts on “Cats Cats Cats

      • Thank you! :). It takes a bit of time to get your cat used to leashes (depending on their personality) but after a whole they associate outside with it and will sit like a puppy to get the harness put on ^^

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