Seasons Changing

It’s Fall Now…

I’d rather be writing about more important things like how pissed I am at our government for how the last 16 days were handled or how confused I am about my need to switch from my current incredibly-high-deductable health insurance plan to something else now available because of Obamacare, but instead I offer you this:



Because it’s fall now, the cats have started snuggling on the bed again. It warms my heart.

Especially since, as the seasons change, predictably, yet another attempt at finding true love has, predictably, failed.  My heart needs warming right now.  My feet, too, apparently, as I’ve been fighting a cold for weeks and have not been really healthy enough to dance or get out much.  So I lie in bed, contemplating my loves lost, and take pictures of Simba.  Because I can.



And it’s remarkably less stressful than thinking about my employment situation or healthcare.



I’d also think I should be writing about other more interesting topics that I feel so passionately about, like eating healthy, and my own journey toward the impossible – feeding myself in a way that I’m physically and ethically ok with.  But Simba’s so much cuter than a picture of my new BlenkTek Blender or the green smoothies that I’ve become addicted to.


Perfect Nose Spots

I should also be sharing videos and blogs and news about belly dancing, my dance troupe, my workshops, my performances, my inspirations, my aspirations, and all the stuff I’m still reading about the creative habit, drive, motivation, and how we learn.  Fascinating stuff!  I’m truly obsessed. But Simba’s feet are kindof fascinating too.



Because they have spots on them. And because they don’t smell like Fritos. I don’t know why I think they should. They should smell like something. Like cupcake icing, maybe?  I only think this because my dogs’ feet smelled like Fritos.  It’s probably because they are indoor cats, as opposed to the dogs.

Do your cats feet smell?


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