Mojo & Gravy

This quick blog is brought to you by the year 1993

Actually, I’m not sure what year it was. But it was a long time ago.  I remember visiting my friend M in college on the weekends, or maybe it was after college. She had 2 cats, named Mojo & Gravy.

This was before I *became* a cat person, and I remember feeling a little perplexed.  M L.O.V.E.D. her cats. That much I knew.  But their behavior, to a non-cat-person, was a little mind boggling at times.

What I remember most is when M would ask me in the morning, Did I sleep ok?  Cats.  Do you have any idea what cats DO at night?  Especially when there is an exciting new obstacle placed on the living room couch?  They PLAY. At least hers did.  Catapulting off the couch, off me, off each other.  Sliding across wooden floors.

Mine play together too, and for the love of everything sacred soft warm and furry, I hope that your cats play with each other, groom each other, eat together, sleep together, cuddle together, and love each other as much as Mojo & Gravy did (or appeared to).  God rest their sweet furry souls.


I wish I had some handy pix of my cats playing together, but mostly what they do during the day is lounge in my home office. (I know they play a lot at night though because every morning I wake up and the living room rug is all rearranged.)  The office set up is different here – I have an extra “side desk” which I thought would allow me to spread my papers out more but turns out it fits Tigger really well and it keeps him off of where my computer actually sits.  I surrender.

Tigger's "side desk"

Tigger’s “side desk”

The view from here

The view from here

Simba seems content to lay on the floor, on any of a number of blankets.  Which is good because I really don’t have room in here for a whole other side desk or guest chair.

The view from down here

The view from down here

Perfect Nose Spots. Is there any other kind?

Perfect Nose Spots. Is there any other kind?




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