Are you like your cat?


Remember everything I went through trying to decide what how and when to feed my cats?  Doing all that research on “what’s really in cat food”, reading ingredient labels, counting calories… I wrote several blogs about it.

I can live with our current routine but I have to monitor the eating b/c Simba will only ever eat about 1/3 his food then I have to cover it – or else Tigger will get it.  A while later I can always coax Simba to eat some more.

The easiest way for me to deal with my own food “issues” was to eliminate them all completely while I did a 10-day detox cleanse of green-powder-shakes & pills.  It gave me some time to start figuring out how to go about changing my diet.

Yesterday I finally cooked and ate a real meal.

Quinoa, sauted kale, roasted squash.

Quinoa, sauted kale, roasted squash.

I seriously did heap a whole plate full of this healthy meal.  And then I ate less than a 1/4 of it before I was exhausted from chewing.

Then I literally had an image flash through my mind that I could just cover it and finish it later.

I Learned Nothing

And then I did it again.

Simba noses the bowl.

Simba noses my breakfast.

Quinoa, chia seeds, almond, sunflower seeds, raw coconut, blueberries, 1/2 banana, plain nonfat yogurt bowl.

I did manage to eat the whole bowl but it took me 45 minutes.  The one thing that I did not anticipate on my 10-day detox was that my stomach might actually shrink.

So now I know how Simba feels!  How are you like your cat???


One thought on “Are you like your cat?

  1. I’m doing a 9-day cleanse right now–I started yesterday. I’m hoping it shrinks my stomach too! 😀

    We have 4 cats and one is on a sensitive stomach diet, one has urinary issues so he needs a special diet for that, one eats normal food, and the other absolutely refuses the good food and will only eat dry. :/ And of course, they always want to try to eat everyone else’s food (except the dry food lover!). They are so difficult!

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