Eat Dance Purr

The Furballs

The cats didn’t want to eat for a few days.  It’s only ironic because I was not eating either (my detox/cleanse is all green shakes and pills).  I was wondering if they were being sympathetic but now I’m chalking it up to not liking their food.

After a few days of more careful observation, I think they don’t like the red can as much.  I alternate between a red and green (whatever flavors that stands for) in 12.5 oz size.  One can lasts 2 days.  Because I transfer the contents to Tupperware I easily forget which color it was.

Neither cat appears to be starving though so I’m not too worried and will experiment with more flavors soon.

Same goes for the resident squirrels – not starving – as I clean out my cupboards and leave them snacks on the window ledge outside.

This is a win-win situation.

This is a win-win situation.


Tigger has been driving me bonkers with his demands for lap access and hanging out on my desk while I’m trying to work.  Tigger does that kneading thing into my belly while I’m sitting in my office chair usually a few times a day.  I have a special fleece throw I use (like a nursing blanket), after realizing half my shirts were being ruined in the front from his nails.

This is where they are supposed to hang out while I’m working, like 2 little good office assistants.  It’s the best I can do in my small apartment/office/dance studio.

Office Assistants

My Office Assistants

Otherwise Tigger can be found in his bucket and Simba in the papasan chair.

Sometimes I move the bucket into the sun.

Sometimes I move the bucket into the sun.


Lounging Furball.

Simba's chair.

Simba’s chair.

Go 'way mom, I'm sleeping.

Go ‘way mom, I’m sleeping.


Costumes and Rehearsals and Studying, oh my!

I’m spending weekends these days wrapping up any final costuming fixes for ALL my upcoming shows.  (I’m also supposed to be studying and prepping for Cultivation but rehearsing is more important right now.)  I will be either performing or taking some serious dance workshops or traveling (or all three) every weekend for the next SIX weekends.  Don’t worry, I have a great cat-sitter lined up!

I happily re-purposed this necklace I used to wear when dancing ATS.  I have a show coming up that is slightly more ATS style than we usually dress (which is not at all) and the necklace was just over-the-top huge so I downsized it and now have extra pieces to use in future costuming.  Tigger helped!






My other costuming involves metal boobs, which I’m super excited about. I’ve always wanted a pair!  Mine have rhinestones.

Sneak Preview.

Sneak Preview.

My Detox

Strangely, I feel really good on this Purium 10-day detox program.   I even managed to switch from caffeinated black tea to decaf.  Never in a million years would I have thought this possible.  I have more energy to play and dance, I shed a few pounds, and my coat is shinier.  Ok just kidding about my coat.  But I can’t help but wonder if the cats felt like they were going through detox when I got them on grain-free?  Food for thought 🙂




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