Progress Toward Spring – the Days are Getting Longer

…which means now the late morning sun hits my kitchen table, the perfect place for napping.





Tigger is still loving his cheap old plastic bucket (technically a dishpan), especially when I put it in the sun.

My what big ears you have.

My what big ears you have.

Simba still spends most of his time in my spare office chair.

I just woke up. Need coffee.

I just woke up. Need coffee.

Progress Toward My Sanity

Simba actually let me sleep EIGHT WHOLE CONSECUTIVE HOURS the other day.  I couldn’t believe it.  Of course this only happened once but it gives me hope.  I’m slowly adjusting their morning feeding time so that they no longer will associate my getting up = Kibble!  Kibble! Kibble!

I also realize that his pouncing on me probably has less to do with trying to wake me up to feed him than it does his own urges to pounce and hunt when he’s hungry.  Aside from pouncing he loves scratching and digging in the sheets and covers, which makes me wonder what he’s digging for.  Once day I’m going to bury his favorite pink string toy under there and really freak him out. I have always wondered the appeal of the pink string toy.  It finally dawned on me – MOUSE TAIL.

I switched their food starting about 3 weeks ago.  We have settled on a routine of 10-second nuking to warm + kibble “folded in” not mixed.  They are still getting 50% wet & 50% dry.   I have to watch them eat, because Tigger eats twice as fast as Simba.  When Simba walks away (he will only eat about half), I cover his food dish.  About 15 minutes later I uncover it and he will usually eat about half again of what remains.  Tigger gets the rest.

There’s payback when Simba eats most of Tigger’s 9 pm kibble snack.  Sometimes I toss it all over the apartment a few at a time and make them hunt.  Sometimes I just scatter a load all over my living room.  I tell them to “use your noses and find each and every piece”  like they’re being punished and have to clean their room or something.  Or I just put it in their bowls.  Either way, Simba is getting more than half.  Especially if Tigger is busy holding his bucket down.

The great weigh in

I was really surprised that even though Simba definitely seems less rotund, he hasn’t lost any weight.  He is very dense for a cat.  I didn’t bother to weigh Tigger yet because he never seemed too overweight to me.

Or really, I’m just being lazy, like a cat.


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