Progress and Patience

Who is in Charge here, Anyway?

Analyzing my cat’s feeding behavior all started because I have HAD IT with the 4 a.m. wakeup call.

There has been some good progress:

  • I transitioned them to grain free food.  I learned more about cat food contents than I wanted to. I analyzed the ingredients and counted calories and feel better about what I am feeding them (I’m trying to eat healthier too).  Even better – Wellness comes in a 12.5 oz can which – if you get a case discount – ends up costing the same as the Science Diet I was feeding them before (which is full of “meat by products” and “meal”  which I don’t want them eating).

It would be easier if they just sold “Field Mouse in a Can” with a side of Field.


Mouse in a can. Say what?

  • I have learned not to give to mid-day snacks, and the 2 a.m. auto-feeder is gone.  They eat at 6:30 a.m., 4 p.m. and snack at 9 p.m. – no exceptions.
  • They have both lost a little weight (I’ll update after I weight them in) and seem to be more active and playful.  They are only 3 & 4 years old so they SHOULD be playful.
Fat and Lazy, but Oh-So-Cute.

Pre Diet:  Fat and Lazy, but Oh-So-Cute.

  • Because they are indoor cats, I now provide Tigger with gourmet cat grass growing on my window sill.  He still prefers the houseplant but with hairball-hucking/spring-shedding season coming up, at least he has a healthier alternative available.
Gourmet Cat Grass. Worth checking out!

Gourmet Cat Grass. Worth checking out!

  • Tigger has a really cute hiney now that it’s trimmed.  I may keep it this way just to avoid future poo-fur incidents.
I am a Fluffy Cat. Take the good with the bad.

I am a Fluffy Cat. Take the good with the bad.

This is where I’m struggling

  1. Simba still wakes me up at 4 a.m., give or take an hour.
  2. Both cats have taken begging to an elevated art form, which can last for 5 or more hours.  So much Drama.  Ignore, Ignore, Ignore.  Hard to do when I work from home all day.
  3. I have been feeding them separately – and feeding just wet first then kibble, as to better monitor their intake of wet and dry food.  Otherwise Tigger will eat all of Simba’s wet food.  Simba eats slow, eats just a little bit, and walks away. He’s devising new ways to manipulate me, and I’m not happy about it.
You can't Ignore me. I'm too cute.  I am your Master.

You can’t Ignore me. I’m too cute. I am your Master.

Next Steps

I have to have the Patience of a Saint.

I have to Ignore the Drama.

I have to be Smarter than my Cat.

Since I was up at 4 a.m. again, I’m too tired to do any of these things!

Nap time.

Nap time.


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