This Month in Dance

January and February have been quite exciting in my little dance world!

  • I modified my daily practice log and am really happy with my new system for goal setting and tracking what needs work.  It is sort of based on the book by Cera Byer but tailored to my needs.  Dancers Day Planner
  • I put my 15-year old living room rug in storage and got a 6′ x 7′ portable dance floor to place on my tile-over-cement floor (the biggest that would fit in my dance space).  Because there are small cracks between the tiles, I also got a new 7′ x 7′ area rug (not an easy size to find) to cover it that I can easily roll back for dance practice.

My New Dance Floor Review

This is the floor I got:  Snaplock from  It’s not a sprung dance floor but the plastic-backing-construction provides just enough “give.”  I thought I might need a rubber mat beneath the whole thing since my floor is essentially a basement tile-over-concrete but it seems fine without – especially since there’s not a whole lot of high-impact activity in my dance practice.  I like the flexibility of having 1′ x 1′ tiles BUT I did break 2 “snaps” taking a row off.  Technically its portable but I wouldn’t buy this if you need to take it apart and transport it every weekend.

Why cover the floor at all?   TOO KEEP CAT BARF OUT OF THE CRACKS.

New Floor & Rug

New Floor & Rug


2 thoughts on “This Month in Dance

    • Yes, maybe I should clarify the post title in the future – it is “This Month in Dance” only in
      my own personal belly dance practice, in my town, in my living room!

      I realize not many people would consider “I booked my flight for Seattle” as exciting news, but for me it really IS exciting because I have NEVER performed outside of my home state before. So to travel to perform – this is a big deal in my development as a dancer! 🙂

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