First Week Recap

So, after great debate and research on my part, I have decided to feed my cats Pure Vita kibble by Nutri Source and Wellness (Grain Free – not Core), either Chicken & Beef or Turkey.  No more free feeding and no more snacks – mean mommy!

After literally counting their calories and stressing about phosphorous levels and yeast and really learning quite a bit about how to read a can label, I’m taking advice from and assuming that by simply moving to a grain free diet, if I can up the percent of wet-to-dry then the battle is won.

Except it’s not.  Meet Mr. Attitude.

I can be an asshole sometimes.

I can be an asshole sometimes.

This is what I’ve realized after a week of observation:

  1. Tigger prefers wet food, and during chow time Tigger will move over to Simba’s plate and back to his own 2-3 times.
  2. Simba will HOLD OUT for kibble.

What I don’t really understand is Cat Hierarchy.  Being a dog person (so claimed here) I *get* the concept of Alpha.  With the cats, I don’t get it.

Simba usually initiates attack/play.  Simba will sleep where he wants, quite often being on top of Tigger.  Simba ruins my sleep, every night.  Simba cries, loudly.

You're in my chair.

You’re in my chair.

But… Tigger gets the food. So I’m assuming we’re moving into a full-blown battle of the wills, Simba and I.

I, unfortunately, am not a patient person.  I buy all my dance workshops on the first day.  I bought SIX PAIRS of zils during the week of Zil-pocolypse (due to Mr. Saroyan‘s retirement).  I make a decision, and I follow through immediately.

Stay tuned for battle updates!


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