Crazy Cat Lady?

So, with just a couple blogs under my belt, I’ve been accused!

Brushing the question aside for the moment – Am I a Crazy Cat Lady? – I will start off in my defense that I was not ALWAYS a cat person.

I never had cats growing up or lived with cats, so I just didn’t get it.  But I didn’t need to, because I had Dogs.

Hello, I'm Bear.

Hello, I’m Bear.

I became a proud mama of two unrelated 2-year old Goldens (one pure, one mix) in 1997.  Unfortunately, Copper passed away in 2003 – before I entered any kind of digital age – and all my 1,000’s of photos of her are in scrapbooks.

Bear and I had many adventures during his 14 years.

Catching a scent on the breeze at Guanella Pass.

Catching a scent on the breeze at Guanella Pass.

We hiked and backpacked all over Colorado and even drove to Alaska together!

I’m a lucky dog! I’m so happy I’m prancing!

Being a dog owner is fulfilling, but also hard work.  Big, outdoor dogs, that require a fenced yard.  I lived in some REALLY shitty places, just because they allowed dogs.   And in the end, Bear was sick, and that was also really hard.

I always imagined I would “take a break” and then get a puppy.  But on the suggestion of my (ex) fiance, we got Tigger instead.

Hello Mama!

I’m orange, too.  You’ll like me!

Tigger was 6 months old when we got him — exactly 6 months after Bear died.   I like to think there’s a connection there.

Needless to say, I’ve realized not only how cool cats are but that they suit my current lifestyle a lot better.  Aside from the whole 4 a.m. wakeup/barfing on the new carpet/ “loose stools” from new food  thing, they really are easier.

I still miss my sweet boy though (and my sweet girl Copper too).

Rest in Peace, Bear


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