Why a Blog?

My Top 5 Reasons to start a blog:

1.  As much as I like Facebook, I use it for a specific reason (networking with belly dancers) and have self-imposed limitations on how many “crazy cat lady” posts I make

2.  I have too much time on my hands (just kidding).

3.  Part of my journey as a dancer involves creating an identity and personal style.  I’m not ready (professionally) to create a whole separate Facebook Page for this purpose, but I still need a place to shamelessly self-promote!

4.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on cat feeding lately and wanted a place to store that information in one place.  I’ve only been a cat owner for a few short years and there’s so much to learn!

Like:  If you’re going to switch your cat’s food, do it BEFORE you replace all the area rugs & carpets. New carpets are magnets for cat barf and Tigger apparently has quite the sensitive stomach.

5.  There is just too much information available on the web.  So, for quite some time now I’ve put blinders on to it all and lived happily in my Facebook bubble. My focus has become too narrow, so let’s talk politics! (just kidding).

So, I’m learning something new (Hello WordPress!) , expanding my horizons into the blogosphere, and hopefully finding a way to consolidate useful  information into something digestible.

Why do you blog?


2 thoughts on “Why a Blog?

  1. Great blog!
    I became a cat guardian recently and became slightly obsessed with all things feline. So when my partner started to call me a crazy cat person, I had the idea that a blog on the subject might be the best solution. So I started this blog to create a record of my cat experiences: http://catsplusgreenthings.wordpress.com/

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